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Live Permanent Makeup Training (online course included for one year)

  • 2Days
  • 2Steps


This course is specifically for education in regards to machine work for permanent makeup. This course is specifically for a borderless shaded eyebrows but I will also show you how to create nano hair strokes if you prefer to offer a combo brow. The difference in this live course compared to others is the complimentary online course that will be included for one whole year! The trainings that benefited me the most were the ones that included a 6-12 month online course for reference. Lastly, I disagree with microblading continuing to be taught although I am highly skilled in the craft, I decided to no longer offer it for many reasons. Extra bonus: I've added links to additional resources for further training to give you the maximum benefits. Some of the links are free and some have an additional cost. I did a lot of research as a new artist and I really want to help you gain all of the knowledge.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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