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Resources & Forms

On this page you'll find important information & forms regarding our permanent makeup procedures & skin treatments. Once you've read through the contraindications, pre-procedure care, after care, cancellation policies, and completed your forms, you can head over to our booking page to book your appointment!

Permanent Makeup Contraindications & Care

Please look through our contraindications (specific situations in which the procedure should not done because it may be harmful to you), pre-procedure, and aftercare information before booking for your desired procedure. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

  • You may not be a candidate for permanent makeup if you have any of the following:
    Are under 18 years old. Consume alcohol, blood thinner medicine, caffeine, or THC on day of procedure.​ Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, aspirin 24 hours prior. Exercise/fitness within 10 days of the healing process. Exercise or receive a massage the day of procedure. Are taking antibiotics or took them less than 3 weeks from your procedural date. Have diabetes or an autoimmune condition (will need to provide a doctor's note). Are pregnant and/or nursing. Please get consent from doctor if you are receiving care for fertility treatments. Have a skin disease such as psoriasis, eczema, undiagnosed rashes, acne, blisters or sores on treated area. Prescription required for lip tattoo only. Have a transmittable blood condition like HIV and all Hepatitis. Have active skin cancer in the area. Are undergoing or due to receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy less than 42 days. Are hemophiliac, have severe anemia or healing disorders. Have uncontrolled high blood pressure or have had Mitral Valve Disorder. Are on skin medications such as Accutane (Isotretinoin Capsules), Antasure and other steroids. Have epileptic experience or active seizures. Have keloids - dark raised scar, usually very hard in texture. Are using hair growing serums or veins around eyes (applies to eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos only). Are taking antidepressant medications which may interfere with healed results.​ Have had laser skin treatments in the past 4-6 weeks. Have used over the counter vitamin A, retinols or medically prescribed topicals such as retinols within 4 weeks. (Research your product labels and percentages.) Have old work done elsewhere. This requires photos and permission to schedule. Removal may be required. (Removal is a normal process in todays world as older techniques and pigments have caused irregular discoloration and migration. Laser removal is affordable and efficient.) If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out prior to booking! Thank you.
  • Eyelash liner pre-procedure checklist:
    If you wear contacts, please remove them and come in wearing your glasses. Contacts must stay out of the eyes for 72 hours following the procedure.  (Only applies to eyelash line tattoo procedures.) Come to appointment with eyes clean, and eye makeup removed - no mascara. (Only applies to eyelash line tattoo procedures.) No lash serums for 4-6 weeks No lash extensions for 2 weeks No botox for 2 weeks No lasers/ peels for 1 month Inform us if you received fillers near eyes. (We want to avoid pressing around that area.) Inform us of moles, skin tags, scarring in the area. Please review resource page.
  • Eyelash liner aftercare instructions:
    Keep dry for 24 hours. No lash extensions for 4 weeks. No lash serums for 6 weeks. (Lash serums may affect quality of tattoo if used.) Avoid makeup for 2 weeks. Avoid exercise, steam, pools, jacuzzis, facials, massage, direct hot water for 2 weeks. Do not pick, peel, scratch shedding skin until it fully falls off itself.
  • Eyebrow pre-procedure checklist:
    No eyebrow hair growth serums for 4 weeks. No hair pulling if you have Trichollonomia for 4 weeks. No laminations, tinting, henna, waxing, tweezing, shaving for 2 weeks prior. Please do not come in with makeup and/or skin foundation. No retinols, peels or lasers for 4 weeks prior. (And after.) No botox 4 weeks before. (And after.) Please review resource page.
  • Eyebrow aftercare instructions:
    On the day of your appointment: Blot the area firmly with a tissue throughout the eyebrow from beginning to end every 5 minutes for one hour until oozing stops. Wash the area with soap and water 2x times on day one. With the last time being before bed. Cleanse thoroughly but gently moving around the hair and skin to ensure cleanliness. Dry the area with a paper towel or clean towel and apply a very thin layer of ointment. On days 2-10 after your appointment: Cleanse morning and night. Dry and apply a thin layer of ointment. Do not pick, peel, scratch or bite off shedding skin until it fully falls off itself. Avoid makeup and foundation on the area. Only use products provided. Avoid exercise, steam, pool, jacuzzi, spa, facials, hot water and massage for 2 weeks post procedure.
  • Lip blush pre-procedure checklist:
    Please notify us as soon as possible if you have a herpes simplex active blister or are healing from the virus. You will not be able to receive the procedure. If you have had the virus appear in the past, please notify your doctor that you are preparing for a lip blush tattoo and have them provide you with a prescription to use 5 days prior to and during the healing. The healing process is generally 5-14 days. If you have fungal conditions, please treat it with your doctor prior to your appointment. Please moisturize your lips with a fresh tube of Aquaphor for lips frequently prior to your appointment. The softer your lips are, the better your results will be. Please get all of your kissy time out of the way because you will have to avoid lip intimacy until fully healed to prevent infection, bacteria and viruses. No filler 4 weeks prior. (And after.)
  • Lip blush aftercare instructions:
    Pat the lips with a damp cotton round every 5 minutes until all of the oozing stops for the first hour. You may use bottled water, distilled or sterile water. After the first hour, every time your lips get dry, you should apply ointment frequently. Ointment should be kept at your bedside and applied before bed and when you wake up. Keep them continually moisturized daily for 10 days. Do not pick, peel, scratch, or bite off shedding skin until it fully falls off itself. Avoid makeup on the area for 14 days. If you lose our ointment, buy a&d or Aquaphor. Please don’t use products from home that are opened due to cross contamination. Use a straw for drinking beverages including red wine but avoiding red wine may be best. Avoid drinking hot beverages and eating spicy foods. The lips are a wear and tear area and they change tone due to temperature, environment, and touch. The full color appears after 8 weeks due to the nature of the tissue.


Please complete our form before booking your appointment. Once you've finished here, you can head over to our booking page to set up your appointment!

Consent Form

Fill out our consent/liabilty form here before booking your appointment.

Permanent Makeup Cancellation/No Show Policy

Cancellations, Deposits & Fees: A deposit of $150.00 is required to book permanent makeup appointments and it is non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit fee has proven to ensure serious inquiries only.

Rescheduling, Deposits & Fees: To reschedule a PMU appointment, a 7 day grace period from the day of your reserved appointment is accepted for a transferable deposit. If it is less than 7 days, the deposit of $150.00 is paid to Luxe + Lulu. 7 days will help ensure that the appointment gets scheduled with a new client.

If a medical emergency arises, you must provide the proper medical documentation.

If you fail to show up to an appointment, you must be prepay in FULL to rebook and will automatically be denied going forward.

Failure to not follow PRE-PROCEDURE CARE (which is a contraindication) will result in the $150.00 deposit fee. Pre-procedure checklist available above.  


Failure to not notify Luxe + Lulu of existing permanent makeup done elsewhere will cost you the deposit fee of $150.00. 



If you do not show for your scheduled appointment you will be charged the $200.00 deposit fee and denied future appointments automatically until remaining balance is paid in full including additional deposit of $150.00 to reserve booking again.  


If 15 minutes late for appointment, service will end at service scheduled time. If 30+ minutes late, we will need to cancel and the deposit fee will be applied to the appointment.  


If you have previous work done else where and will need a correction, cover up or removal. You must book a consultation ahead, excluding same day consultation. Please do not show up with previous work. Your appointment will be cancelled and the $150.00 deposit fee will apply.

ALL permanent makeup procedures are non refundable. No exceptions. Thank you kindly.  

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