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How do I prepare for my appointment?

You must review the information on our page in regards to pre/post care.  You must complete consent forms to flag any health conditions that may affect the procedure.  You must discontinue retinols, medically prescribed topicals, laser treatments, botox 4 weeks prior.  It is recommended to avoid caffeine, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, alcohol 24 hours prior to procedure.  A $200.00 non refundable fee is deposited to reserve your appointment. If a deposit is not received within 7 days, the appointment will be automatically cancelled.  Please cancel or reschedule 7 days prior.  If emergency, please provide proof to be rescheduled and cancel as soon as possible. 

Does it hurt?

Permanent makeup is not painful but not completely painless, it is generally not perceived as pain. Thanks to the latest anesthetic creams there is minimal discomfort. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching and some will feel nothing at all. Some clients may fall asleep while others have more sensitivity.  Please do not slow down the appointment with the mapping part because the numbing will dissipate and we will run over on time.  We have a reserved amount of time to complete the procedure.  Clients may feel more pain during their menstrual cycle.   

How long does permanent makeup stay?

In general, permanent makeup will always be present. The intensity of your permanent makeup fades in the course of time. However, this is completely dependent from person to person. This is partly due to the natural cell renewal, the immune system and lifestyle, the influence of UV light.

Can I still apply regular makeup?

Absolutely but you must wait until they fully heal.  Makeup is meant for perfecting and permanent makeup will not take the place of makeup. 

What if I've had permanent makeup already?

Unfortunately brow tattooing is not meant to be corrective.  You may be required to get saline, acid, laser removal or magnetic removal prior to receiving a brow tattoo again. It must be light enough to work over and images sent to our email will be required.  Touch ups are only booked if Lulu did the original appointment. It is full price for all new clients.  In some cases, there may be scar tissue from previous work that I'm unable to cover. Please do your research for where to receive removal.  If you have previous work, it's impossible for me to know how the pigment will retain.  The iron oxide in red pigment is very difficult to color correct and it will always remain present. 

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure may take 3-4 hours.  Please dress comfortably and bring an extra layer and socks.  

Is there special aftercare?

Yes, you will be given instructions for how to care for your eyebrows immediately after your appointment.  Aftercare is important and will affect your direct results. In addition, laying low, no excessive activity or sweating is important for the next 7days.    

What should I expect after the procedure?

You should expect to follow aftercare to the best of your ability to help care for your skin so that your eyebrows may heal as good as possible. You may expect some soreness and redness. You may expect to see many changes occur with the pigment/color of your eyebrows for day one to day 40 due to cell renewal and healing.  You must pay attention to what is going near your eyebrows.  You must avoid brow makeup for 10 days.  

How many appointments do I need?

A touch up appointment is recommend 10-12 weeks after your first appointment.  Certain areas of the eyebrows may fade, become dotty and or be patchy when it heals.  The touch up will enhance the desired result.   

Is permanent makeup safe?

The blades and needle cartridges are one time use disposable and discarded in sharps container.  The pigments and numbing agents may cause a reaction on clients who may be allergic.  A take home patch test may be provided for concerned clients.  

Is permanent makeup similar to a tattoo?

Similar concept but different result.  The difference between tattoos and permanent makeup is the pigments and the stability of the pigments.  In permanent makeup we prefer the pigment to fade over the course of a 1-3 years to touch it up again.  It must be over 50% faded to work on the skin.

Are my results guaranteed?

Results are not guaranteed with permanent makeup.  Unfortunately permanent makeup is not guaranteed because it is not an exact science but rather an art form.  Each client retains skin differently and the body can lose retention due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors.  It is important to come in for your 10-12 week touch up because the skin does retain pigment better after the second session.  In some cases, a third touch up may be necessary.  Each session has a price because it requires time, labor and supplies.  All prices listed on Vagaro. 

Can I get a refund if I do not like the result?

No.  Unfortunately permanent makeup does not have a guaranteed result and healed results vary from person to person..  Some clients reject pigment and others heal with a lot of retention.  Microblading in particular is a highly unpredictable procedure but machine shading has a more of a predictable result. 

Is it safe if I am pregnant or nursing?

No.  In addition, it is recommended to wait 6 months to a year after pregnancy to receive permanent makeup because the body's hormones could affect the procedure outcome and healed results.  

What if I get an allergic reaction to the procedure?

Contact your doctor immediately.  We are not responsible for medical conditions that my arise as a result from the procedure. We are not medical professionals.    

Is it recommended to give gratuity for tattooing?

It is not expected but it is appreciated.  There is no set percentage or amount that is recommended.       

Are the service menu prices set?

The service menu prices are a "base" or "starting from" price.  Please let me know if you decide to change your touch up to another procedure to give you an accurate estimate for cost, to prepare supplies and to book the proper time. 

Is there any promotions that can be applied?

Please ask about promotions.  

What if my expectations are not met?

The best advice that I can give a client is to choose an artist based from your liking.  You must shop to find the best artist for you.  I give it 100%  for every client and if you are not happy, please let me know how to meet your expectations at the second session.  Unfortunately the body and skin can be unpredictable and there have been some scenarios where the skin would not retain pigment.  

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