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Hi, I'm Lulu!

I am a beauty business professional with 15 years of experience. I became an aesthetician in 2009 and a tattoo artist in 2018. Prior to aesthetics, I was a fine art student, dabbling in portrait sketching and oil painting. Becoming an aesthetician was the best thing I've ever done because it gave me a purpose and the opportunity to work on myself and build strong connections with clients.

Luxe + Lulu's Mission

At Luxe + Lulu, my philosophy starts and ends with gentle and effective skincare. I aim to create the most natural-looking, beautiful results possible while making my process easy to understand so my clients can take home the understanding of how to maintain those results. Every client's needs are unique and I guarantee I will get to know you to provide you with the best results.

Luxe + Lulu's Journey

The start of Luxe + Lulu.

Our new location!

New Beginnings!

Always learning & improving.

Color Paint Palette

Early 2000s

Prior to becoming an aesthetician, I was a fine art student focused on portrait sketching and oil painting, ultimately hoping to become an art teacher! During this time I discovered a book that led me to become a certified forensic artist, assisting law enforcement agencies.


Although the beauty industry was not in great shape, I followed my passion and decided to enroll in aesthetics school in 2008. In my first couple of years, I recall trying to understand how so many clients had such poorly shaped brows! By 2010, I was working at a spa specializing in eyebrows, makeup and skin care.



After seven years working for a spa, I started my own aesthetics business as "Luxe by Lulu LLC" at the Quarry Arts Building in Madison in 2017.


I have earned certifications in microblading from both Enhance Artistry and Phi Academy. Although Phi artists are the most trained and knowledgeable microblading technicians in the world, I still found myself not fully satisfied with the results and struggling to get past the amount of trauma microblading could inflict on the skin. It was at this time I decided to learn how to execute shading with a permanent makeup machine in order to achieve a more desirable look.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 4.11_edited.jpg


Powder Brows (also called Machine Shading or Ombre Brows), hit all the marks I was looking for—natural-looking results and significantly kinder on the skin. In November of 2020 I enrolled with Yana Academy in Chicago, Illinois and learned how to skillfully execute a powder brow, lip blush and lash line enhancement. Thanks to the education I received here from a world-renowned trainer, I was the first to be able to bring her soft edge powder brow technique to Madison, Wisconsin. 


This was a year of honing my skills! In April 2022, I enrolled in a workshop to learn from industry experts Angie Kwiatkowski and Mary Ritcherson to learn advanced powder brow techniques like pixelated powder brows, digital and nano lines (machine hair strokes). In May 2022, I enrolled in a lip blush and eyeliner course with Kim Hung Do and Beauty Angels Academy where I learned techniques to create the best healed results.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 4.20.28 PM.png


Luxe + Lulu moved to a new location just minutes from Madison in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin! I also continued to prioritize furthering my education and participated in multiple courses and industry events, my favorite of which was the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation Summit in Los Angeles where I learned the theory of pigmentology, allowing me to make more informed decisions in color theory for better long-term results. In addition, I have set a goal to create an online education platform and live trainings/workshops to mentor students.. 2024 will be the year that I boost myself to the next level in business. 

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